Why I Left Fallout 2

Created on 2023-06-19T19:40:34-05:00

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1. Taking sequels in to account when naming; ex. not calling the game "Vault
   13" because the sequel would have to be "Vault 13-2" or "Vault 14" or
   "Return to Vault 13."

2. Ending crunch time on Fallout 1 and immediately being tasked back to
   crunch time for Fallout 2.

3. Spending 3 weeks to find a memory bug that amounted to a single for loop
   with an off-by-one error.

  3a. Refused to give up the name of the programmer to management--who then
      took it out on him later by costing half his producer bonus.

4. If someone does not get a joke because it requires context (cultural, etc)
   then the phrase should still work.

  4a. Ex. the joke is funny without the context but is funnier with it.

  4b. Ex. the reader does not realize a joke was even present.